Stealth HAC power cords, 6' and 8'.

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Retail 6' $200, our price $75

Retail 8' $260, out price $95


Please note, both cords work great.  The 6' power cord has some mesh torn in the middle of the power cord.  We can put heat shrink on it if desired.

The following was taken from the Stealth web site:


HAC -"Hi-Power cord" is designed to be used on power-hungry multi-channel receivers and large power amplifiers. The HAC consists of nine individually TeflonŽ insulated shielded conductors. HAC cord can handle up to 3000 Watts of power - which is more than enough for practically any power amplifier or a receiver on the market. This cord has been tested with 1000W monoblocks and worked with no stress at all.

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HAC features summary:

Three runs of TeflonŽ insulated silver plated oxigen-free copper wire for each: "phase", "return" and "ground" (i.e. nine runs altogether); Three separate silver plated "source-terminated" shields: an individual shield for "phase", "return" and "ground"; Double TeflonŽ insulation (rated at 1500V continuous) - internal, between the central conductors and the shield, and outer - show-white, plus black mesh outer jacket; Arrow Hart 6266 HG hospital-grade (green dot) AC plug, rated 15A/125V; American-made IEC plug with built-in strain relief, rated 15A/125V;


The HAC cord has been compared to AC cords from Cardas, Kimber, Sinergistic Research, Audioquest, Classe, Marigo, and others - on several different audiophile systems. None of the mentioned cords sounded as good as the HAC. The HAC - like all STEALTH AC cords - is conceptually different from the majority of audiophile cords of the market. AC power cords' "sound" mostly depends not on the AC carrying wires, but on the ground wire, which NEEDS to be shielded since it's included into the sound SIGNAL PATH (ground path, to be more precise) - that's mostly why different AC power cords sound differently! AC is filtered in the power supplies, but the ground goes in and out just the way it is. Therefore, in general, the better your house ground wiring is, the more obvious are the HAC sonic advantages. But all the technical reasons combined with praise in reviews do not weight as much as what you actually hear on YOUR system.


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